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Life drawing – charcoal and pastel

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Drawn at the Tower with Art Macabre. Nothing like unfamiliar surroundings, colours, costumes, textures, lighting and the human form to push you out of your comfort zone. Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn.

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Egon Schiele themed life drawing event – what an amazing evening. This pushed my drawing to its limits!

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She’s my best mate, and always by my side. Sleeping Dog.

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Resting Women

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Resting Women – Detail


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It’s great when you experiment – singles lines, wrong hand, not looking at your paper etc. Frees your drawing!

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Really enjoying life drawing. It is such a useful way to help me push my mark making and to explore creating forms.

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Great way to warm up if you’ve not drawn for a while – quick 1 minute poses drawn with your wrong hand, not looking at the paper or not taking your pencil off!


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